Imagine the Future of Investigation
CrimePad, a mobile app developed by Visionations,  is made exclusively for law enforcement professionals and designed to:
  • Increase officer efficiency
  • Reduce unneeded communication
  • Help officers solve cases faster
  • Save up to 2 hours a day of report writing per officer
Built for Action
Download the iTunes app for On-line/Off-Line Capabilities. This feature is great for use in areas with poor reception.
Data Storage
Allows easy storage of photos, videos, audio, files and any other piece of evidence in one secure place. Simle user interface allows for easy adoption.
Real Time Chain of Evidence visible to any sworn officer at any location. Enables communicate with neighboring jurisdictions and sheriff's offices in real time
Saves Time & Money
CrimePad pays for itself in terms of productivity. Cost of CrimePad equals about 1 hour of overtime per month. Automatic report writing saves up to 2 hours a day per person. 
Do More in the First 48 Hours
CrimePad frees up officers and law enforcement professionals to spend more time working and less time communicating or traveling. With CrimePad you can:
  • Monitor investigation process and allocate resources
  • ​Store evidence and information in multiple formats
  • Speed up assignment of tasks as they emerge
  • Manage any aspect of case investigation in the field and on the go
  • Eliminate hours of time spend drawing up reports with CrimePad's automatic report writing
What People Say About Us

“I have found your app to be far superior to any of the other crime scene apps out there. I am very impressed by it.”

Detective James Maroney - Buffalo Police Crime Scene Unit
Who We Are
Jane M. Homeyer, PhD
Jane M. Homeyer, PhD brings to Visionations over 20 years of experience in innovative practices in both the Federal government and private sector. 
Jeff Gurvis
For more than 16 years, Jeff has been providing forensic analyses in the fields of latent print comparisons and bloodstain pattern analysis. 
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